Wild Letter Club

The Wild Letter Club had its first outing on World Environment Day 2018 at the environmentally friendly Red Bean Cafe in Preston.

I nagged a few friends to join me and we took over a giant table at the back. Drank tea and coffee, made a great mess of recycled papers, laughed a lot. We crafted envelopes from old Wilderness Society calendars, wrote letters to local MPs, drank more coffee. Laura wrote her infamous shark letter to Josh Frydenberg, long before he stepped into the role of Treasurer.

The idea for the Wild Letter Club (WLC) was always that it would take on a life of its own. It’s been a slow burn but finally people other than myself are hosting their own wildly successful WLCs in cafes, lounge rooms, bars and workplaces after work.

It’s a simple format. Grab a bunch of friends, choose a venue, find out who your local MPs are and focus on a nature or environment issue that concerns you. I know, millions to choose from but better to narrow it down to one.

Then dive into your recycle bin for clean cardboard and papers. Scour the ops shops for glossy nature books or hit up the environment groups for old calendars. Make envelopes from beautiful recycled nature images.

And don’t forget the paper you’re writing your letters on – recycled of course! A favourite of mine is the crinkly paper packaging around a roll of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. It’s the double bottom line, so to speak, in sustainable crafting.

If you’d like to host your own Wild Letter Club event please get in touch and I’ll send you details and templates, including tips for effective letter writing to MPs. Or just jump right in to your pile of recycled papers and start crafting and writing and getting your concerns for nature noticed.

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