I started the Wild Letter Club in 2018 as a different way of approaching environmental conversations and taking positive action.

From time to time we connect with different people who are keen to take some kind of action for the environment. We choose a venue – a cafe or someone’s lounge room – a specific environmental theme, set a date, invite friends and friends of friends and then simply turn up.

It’s a very relaxed meetup. Little bit of chat, sometimes followed by slideshows or a movie of environmental interest, and then we get down to composing and hand writing letters to our local MPs to let them know our concerns. Everything is created with recycled papers, including the envelopes that we also create.

Certainly glasses of wine and blocks of cheese have been consumed in the pursuit of environmental justice.

If you’d like to host your own Wild Letter Club event please get in touch and I’ll send you details and templates and lots of guidance.