Tiny Art for Nature

A Shout Out to Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Doodlers!

Want to contribute a teeny tiny artwork for an epic, interactive, 3D art installation? It will take a community of artists from all over Australia to depict each and every one of our 1,800 + national threatened species.

To be called Day of the Species, this event will be held in Melbourne on National Threatened Species Day (September 7). This conceptual art project, featuring individual threatened species, all hand drawn and coloured onto tiny bits of upcycled cardboard, will celebrate our most vulnerable species and create awareness around the need to change our nature laws. Venue and other activities associated with this event are yet to be finalised.

Email me for the brief and the list of threatened flora (all fauna currently spoken for). Everything is on Google spreadsheets which you will be able to edit.

Do as many or few drawings as you like, though be warned, creating tiny art is addictive! If you’re on social media I’d love you to share your work under #dayofthespecies.

To date – May 24 – nearly 1,200 species have been spoken for. Astonishing effort from all over Australia. You can see some of the truly beautiful artworks on my two IG accounts @c.killin and @wildletterclub or #dayofthespecies.

If you’d like to help us finish the last 600 or so threatened flora the deadline is 30 June 2020. All completed tiny artworks are mailed to me in Carlton, Victoria – address is in the guidelines that I send to you.

Still need more details? Please get in touch here.

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