Tiny Art for Nature

A Shout Out to Artists and Doodlers!

Want to contribute a teeny tiny artwork for an epic, interactive, 3D, art installation? It will take a community of artists to depict each and every one of Australia’s 1,800 + threatened species. Together we can help to save them!

On Day of the Species in September this year there will be a live, community art installation featuring individual threatened Australian species, all hand drawn and coloured onto tiny bits of recycled cardboard. The aim is to represent as many as possible of the 1,800 species on the EPBC Act Threatened Species list.

THE BRIEF: These guidelines are for consistency only. Let rip with your own unique style of drawing!


  • Email me to gain access to the list of threatened flora and fauna species on Google Sheets.
  • Choose a species to draw, fill that spreadsheet cell with yellow (see pic below).
  • Source thin, strong cardboard packaging like that used for teabags, biscuits, etc. N.B. MUST USE RECYCLED CARD. 🙂
  • Cut the cardboard into 7 x 3 cm pieces.
  • Break out your coloured pens/ pencils/ textas and off you go.


  • The species can be drawn in either portrait or landscape, either close up or distant, and any style you like. 
  • The background – a solid block colour.
  • Clearly handwrite the common name of your chosen species.
  • The name of the species needs to be contained by a thin black line and written on uncoloured background. (makes for more greater legibility). 
  • For the species that don’t have a common name, only a botanical or scientific name, then the name alone is written. A solid background colour and legible name are the only requirements here.
  • Check that you have the correct species by clicking on its scientific name in the first column.
  • As you complete each drawing add your initials to the spreadsheet cell to the right of the species name.

Do as many or few drawings as you like, though be warned, creating tiny art is addictive!

Start right now from home or come to a free workshop with all materials supplied at Melbourne’s Sustainable Living Festival in February 2020. Click here to register.

The deadline for completion is 30 June 2020. You can mail your tiny artworks to Carmel Killin, 5/14 Waterloo St, Carlton,Vic 3053.

Still need more details? Please get in touch here.