It’s no secret. Planet Earth is in a whole world of trouble. I don’t need to tell you about the climate and biodiversity crisis on our doorsteps because we’re all looking at it in horror out our windows. Here’s an idea if you are keen to do more than observe, if you want to open your door, walk down the steps and move that crisis back a little bit.

Day of the Species is an epic art and nature community event planned for Threatened Species Day in September 2020. This immersive, awareness-raising fundraiser will honour our still living vulnerable species and direct 100% of funds to the Wilderness Society to help them continue their good hustle for strong, new nature laws to end extinction.

On Threatened Species Day, September 7, 2019 I started a year long Instagram project featuring the plain and uncharismatic, the little known species of Australia that are staring down the lonely path to extinction. Day by day, I reveal a new species by name, ones you’ve probably never heard of before, have never seen and are unlikely to ever see. You can find the project on Instagram at and #dayofthespecies

The Instagram project is a slow invitation and slightly provocative name trail leading to the Day of the Species event on September 5, 2020 which will feature a curated Art Exhibition and Art Walk in country Victoria.

The Art Walk will be an interactive bush walk in regional Victoria, culminating in a live community art installation. This activity requires thousands of hand-drawn tiny artworks, representing as many as possible of the 1,800 flora and fauna on our national threatened species list. Did I mention this is going to be epic?

With the long lead-in time this is very doable, requiring around 20 or so committed artists. So my dear artistic community, this is where I need your help. If you feel inspired to make some of these miniature drawings, I’d love to hear from you. Please click here for guidelines.

Australia has outdated, ineffectual nature laws that don’t even mention climate change. We are long overdue for a complete overhaul of the system. The Day of the Species fundraiser will direct 100% of funds to the Wilderness Society .

We need to kill our outdated nature laws to save our species.