It’s no secret. Earth is in a whole world of trouble and we’re facing a climate and biodiversity crisis.

Day of the Species is a multi-layered, awareness-raising art, nature and community project that kicked off on Threatened Species Day 2019 and will finish a year later with a fundraising event for the Wilderness Society.

On Threatened Species Day, September 7, 2019 I started a year long Instagram project featuring the weird and wonderful, the plain and uncharismatic — the little known species of Australia that are staring down the lonely path to extinction. Day by day, I reveal a new species by name, ones you’ve probably never heard of before. You can find the project on Instagram at and #dayofthespecies

On September 5, 2020, we will honor our still living vulnerable species with a Day of the Species fundraising event – featuring a curated Art Exhibition and Art Walk in country Victoria.

The Art Walk will incorporate a participatory community art project, involving thousands of tiny artworks. If you feel inspired to make some of these miniature drawings, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch via email or the contact page for full details.

Australia has outdated, ineffectual nature laws that haven’t changed much in twenty years. We are long overdue for a complete overhaul of the system. The Day of the Species fundraiser will direct 100% of funds to the Wilderness Society to help them continue their outstanding efforts to ensure new laws to end extinction.

We need to kill our outdated nature laws to save our species.

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Our current nature LAWS

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