Laws for Nature

what are they?

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 was introduced by PM John Howard. It is Australia’s main law that protects our environment and biodiversity.

why should you care?

Currently there are more than 1800 vulnerable to critically endangered species sitting on an ever-growing threatened species list created under the EPBC Act.

The legislation doesn’t work, hasn’t worked for 20 years.

Australia is the global leader for mammal extinction | Australia is No. 2 in the world for species extinction | 34 new species and 3 ecosystems were added to the EPBC Act in 2019.

The rate of biodiversity loss continues to increase, signaling an underlying threat to the foundation of life on Earth. This is why you should care.

what can you do?


If you have access to a garden, plant indigenous native species to encourage a greater diversity of birds and insects.


Donate to tree planting organisations like the Carbon Neutral Charitable Foundation or Tree Project. Better still, get your hands dirty by volunteering on tree planting days.


Research which species are endangered in your local area and join or start a conservation information group.


Support a Not For Profit organisation that restores ecosystems, like Greening Australia, Bush Heritage, Trust for Nature or Green Fleet.


Write a letter to your local MP asking them to change our nature laws and end extinction. The EPBC Act is currently under review so now is a great time to also write to the federal minister for newly-created Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, except we don’t know who this is, as yet. Stay tuned. Hand written letters are more effective than signing online petitions. See the Wild Letter Club for more ideas.


If you love hanging out on social media, do posts about Australia’s incredible species biodiversity. Research and inspire. Get your creative on and spread the planetary goodwill.


Go to the sources that deliver the greatest impact.

The Wilderness Society is one of Australia’s leading environment groups proposing a fundamental change to our current nature laws that are failing us, and our fellow Earthly inhabitants.

More than fifty of Australia’s most active environment groups, including the Wilderness Society, have joined forces to create the Places You Love Alliance. For half a decade this powerful collaboration of like minds has been working on a whole new legal system that ensures nature is properly protected and restored.

The government’s approach to biodiversity conservation isn’t working. It’s time to put species protection in the hands of an independent body.

Change the laws = end to extinction and deforestation = reduced carbon emissions

Follow links to these two groups to see how you can help change our nature laws.

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