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  • The Long List of Neglect. Why we need new national environment laws.

    good legislation for the nature that we love the least we expect Take a peek behind the letters of our national environmental legislation, the EPBC Act 1999, and you’ll see it screaming its intentions loudly and proudly – Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation!! We’re an Act and we act!! Let’s party like it’s 1999!! Awesome. […]


  • Until the trees run out.

    When the Andrews government announced “an immediate end to the logging of old growth forests in Victoria” (7 November 2019) I thought, like most, that meant an immediate end to the logging of old growth forests in Victoria. Duh. What else could it possibly mean? Well. What the statement actually means is that the government […]


  • Losing it. And why I care about the blind velvet worm.

    _______ So I started an endangered species project on Instagram. It’s a daily commitment. I call it Day of the Species and I post the name of a threatened Australian species every day. Bright bold capitals on a background of contrasting colour. No images, just a name. More than likely this name will be unfamiliar […]


  • Activism. The new normal.

    When I first landed in Melbourne in the middle of winter 2017, I attended a weekend training workshop in community organising, run by the Wilderness Society. I’d tried to get involved with other environment groups but honestly, the process of volunteering in Melbourne is almost as onerous as applying for jobs. I was dancing around […]


About Me

Before the Day of the Species project unexpectedly overtook my life in 2020 I was studying sustainability. Still a fan of gardening and regenerative sustainability but my focus these days is on environmental art education and inspiring new ideas and conversations for a more resilient planet.